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The Gurmukhi Keyboard has the following features:

  • First-ever Gurmukhi keyboard based on the Gurmukhi/Punjabi Unicode Character set.
  • Works with any Gurmukhi/Punjabi Unicode font such as Raavi, AnmolUni, etc.
  • Designed for Windows XP and later versions including Windows 7 and Vista.
  • USB and PS/2 Ports available.
  • Multilingual - switch between Gurmukhi and English with a simple keystroke (Alt+Shift).
  • Key mapping based on the GHISS Gurmukhi Keyboard Layout developed by Guru Harkrishan Institute of Sikh Studies (GHISS), Maryland, USA (www.ghiss.org).
  • Main purpose of this Gurmukhi Keyboard is to support and encourage the use of the Punjabi language using Unicode Gurmukhi.

CLICK HERE to learn how to use the Gurmukhi Keyboard.
Please support us in promoting the Gurmukhi/Punjabi Unicode!!